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HTC Wildfire Alltel Wireless

For Alltel customers on a budget, the HTC Wildfire is a very affordable and decently featured Android phone, but it comes at the cost of screen quality and processor speed.

Samsung Hue II SCH-R600 Alltel

The Samsung Hue II is a very solid midrange cell phone for Alltel service.

Samsung Delve SCH-r800 U.S. Cellular

The Samsung Delve is an attractive, multimedia phone with good call performance. It lacks some important features for business users, but it remains a solid addition to U.S. Cellular's lineup.

LG Glimmer

The LG Glimmer combines the glamour of a touch screen, the convenience of a slider keypad, plus high-end features to produce a top-notch phone for Alltel customers.

Motorola Rokr Z6m Alltel

The Motorola Rokr Z6m is a quality music phone for Alltel, but we wished it offered a few more features and came with additional extras in the box.

Samsung SCH-u520 Alltel

Though there are better choices for a midrange phone, the Samsung SCH-u520 is remarkable and offers the innovative Celltop application.

Samsung Nimbus SCH-U420 Alltel Wireless

The Samsung SCH-U420 is a very attractive and lightweight phone for Alltel, though it could use some refinements in feature implementation.

LG AX4270

The LG AX4270 is a good entry-level flip phone from Alltel Wireless.

LG AX390 Alltel Wireless

The LG AX390 is a basic cell phone for Alltel Wireless.

Motorola V710 Alltel Wireless

Though the Motorola V710 comes packed with high-end features, their integration and performance is far from satisfactory.

LG AX310 Alltel

  • Service Provider: ALLTEL Wireless
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Weight: 3.03 oz
  • Sensor Resolution: 1.3 pixels

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