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Zune HD 64GB

The Zune HD delivers one of the best portable music and video experiences money can buy. At a time when many people have shifted their focus to games and applications, providing a killer media experience may not be enough for potential Zune buyers.

Microsoft Zune 120GB third generation, glossy black

The Zune 120, with a unique focus on music discovery, is a fierce competitor to the iPod Classic. The Zune's substantial storage capacity combined with its Zune Pass music subscription makes it an ideal solution for restless music fans with large appetites.

Zune second generation, 8GB, pink

The 4GB and 8GB capacity Zunes (Zune 4 and Zune 8) offer a bite-size version of their full-size, 80GB sibling. While the full-size Zune is a better value, the solid-state flash memory used in the 4GB and 8GB versions make them better suited for physically active (or clumsy) users.

Microsoft Zune second generation, 80GB, black

The Zune has blossomed from an ugly duckling into a worthy iPod alternative.

Zune 30GB, red

The Microsoft Zune, with its intuitive interface and solid playback performance, will please most users. But lukewarm format support and the cool but limited Wi-Fi capability will have advanced users seeking more. The Zune is a very good start, though.

Microsoft Zune

  • Type: digital player / radio
  • Sound Output Mode: stereo
  • Color: black metal, glossy black
  • Capacity: 16 GB

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