Zoom ships ISDN adapter

Zoom Telephonics' first ISDN product is a terminal adapter with a V.34 fax-modem on a single internal card.

CNET News staff
Zoom Telephonics (ZOOM) is shipping its first ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) product, a terminal adapter with a V.34 fax-modem on a single internal card.

The Zoom/ISDN Duo for PC-compatible computers enables data, fax, or voice communication over ISDN or traditional analog phone lines. The Zoom/Duo can handle voice calls using a jack and a standard telephone handset (included) over an ISDN or standard phone line.

Zoom/Duo provides data rates of up to 128 kbps by combining the two 64-kbps ISDN B channels. With V.42bis compression, speeds up to 460.8 kbps can be achieved. It requires only one PC slot and one COM port.

Zoom also plans to ship an ISDN terminal adapter, the Zoom/TA, later this quarter; the two products are the beginning of a broad line of ISDN products from Zoom, the company said. Other products will support Web browsing, video telephony, and remote access to corporate LANs.

Both products facilitate installation with EZ-ISDN support for ordering and setup, Plug-and-Play installation, and a built-in NT-1 for direct connection to an ISDN line. No additional hardware is required.

The Zoom/ISDN Duo, expected to sell for $299 to $349 retail, and Zoom/ISDN TA, with a retail price between $199 and $229, are both backed by a seven-year warranty. They will be sold through computer retail outlets, VARs, and distributors.