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Zenith, Diba announce PC-TV features

Zenith Electronics and software partner Diba have announced details of their new PC-TVs.

Zenith Electronics and software partner Diba have officially announced details of their new combination computer-television sets.

Zenith will roll out two TVs with "Netvision" Internet access technology in the fall: a 27-inch model with a built-in 28.8-kbps modem priced at $999, and a larger 35-inch model called Inteq targeted at home entertainment users priced at $3,499.

The Netvision software allows a user to browse the Web, send and receive email and access Java terminal applications with an infrared remote-control trackball or a wireless keyboard.

The 27-inch model will include trilingual icon menus, picture-in-picture capability, surround sound, and a monitor 30 percent thinner than conventional 27-inch screens.

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