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Yoggie launches firewall on a USB stick

New Firestick Pico joins Gatekeeper line of security coprocessors

Joining Yoggie's cool Gatekeeper Pico, a security suite on a USB stick, is the new Firestick Pico, a firewall-only version of the same thing.

Security on a stick. Rafe Needleman / CNET

As covered previously on Crave, Yoggie's products are essentially security coprocessors. Computers unto themselves, they intercept all Internet traffic going in and out of your computer and scan it for threats. The Gatekeeper products scan for viruses, spam, and other threats, as well as running a bidirectional firewall. The new Firestick is a firewall only.

The benefit to these products is that they free up your computer's processor from running the security processes that you need. Considering how big and complex software security suites are getting, it sounds like a great idea.

The downside is they are physical products and have to plug into your computer. The Yoggie products are marketed for laptop users, but who wants to have to remember to plug in a USB gizmo just to run background security? I do like the idea for desktops, though.

The new Firestick Pico retails for $119. The fully featured Gatekeeper Pico is $149 and strikes me as the better deal. If you're going to stick a security dongle on your computer, why not just have it run all your safety software?