Yellow and gold iPhones the least popular among buyers

The new colors of the iPhone 5S and 5C are the least popular among early buyers, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

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Josh Lowensohn
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Two of the flashiest colors among Apple's new iPhones also have been the least popular, according to a new consumer study.

The gold iPhone 5S and the yellow iPhone 5C made up the smallest number of sales compared with Apple's other device colors during the past month of sales. That's according to a study of early buyers polled by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

New research published by the research firm on Wednesday suggests 43 percent of iPhone 5S buyers went with Apple's space gray color, with another 30 percent going with silver. It was a tighter mix on the 5C, with 27 percent going with blue, followed by white, green, pink, and finally yellow -- which was purchased by just 7 percent of those polled:

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The polling also noticed differences in buying habits in phone color by gender. More males bought the blue iPhone 5C than females, while females predominantly picked up the pink color of the 5C over any other color. The results were closer for the iPhone 5S, where males preferred space gray over the other two colors.

"iPhone 5S and 5C colors seem to confirm some traditional gender biases," CIRP co-founder Mike Levin said in a statement. "Interestingly, no one, including the women in the survey, appears to want the yellow iPhone 5C very much."

With initial stock quickly selling out, and availability on the iPhone 5S still listed as two to three weeks for all models, there's still a question of whether the results were based on consumer preference versus how much of each color Apple manufactured.

The gold iPhone 5S was initially in very short supply, and was one of the first to sell out. It was a different story for the 5C, which remained readily available online for days after it went on sale, except for the unlocked version of the yellow model -- which was quickly backordered.

Both devices went on sale last month, and -- combined with preorders -- sold 9 million units in their first weekend, according to Apple. The company does not release sales information by model or color.