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Yahoo tax site enlists H&R Block's help

The tax preparation stalwart will supply online preparation services and e-filing capabilities to the portal giant's Tax Center under a new partnership.

Tax preparation stalwart H&R Block will supply tax services for Yahoo's Tax Center under a new partnership, the two companies announced Monday.

Yahoo customers will have access to H&R Block's Internet tax tools, including online tax preparation services and electronic filing. The move is another sign that H&R Block is trying to make up ground on business-software maker Intuit, which operates and makes the tax preparation software TurboTax.

But Kansas City, Mo.-based H&R Block has a ways to go, according to figures from PC data, a company that tracks Web site traffic. Intuit's online tax preparation site is outpacing in terms of monthly visitors. In January, the URL saw 2.8 million visitors compared with's 1 million. Mountain View, Calif.-based Intuit also sees an additional 1.3 million visitors to its site, where it sells tax preparation software.

Customers at both H&R Block's and Intuit's sites have the option of preparing their taxes online or downloading the tax preparation software.

For Yahoo, the deal gives the Santa Clara, Calif.-based portal giant another opportunity to bulk up its financial services offerings.

In addition to online tax preparation, H&R Block will also review a tax filing and provide tax tips to Yahoo customers for an additional charge. Yahoo visitors can also provide their tax information to an H&R Block tax professional to complete.