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Xbox One to score multiplayer update, stereo headset

What can Xbox One users expect from next month's update? Microsoft unwraps some of the details, but promises there's still more to come.

The Xbox One will score a new update and stereo headset in March.
The Xbox One will score a new update and stereo headset in March.

Xbox One owners can look forward to more software updates and a dedicated headset coming on the market in March.

Described in a Microsoft blog on Tuesday, an update gearing up for early March touts improvements to the console's multiplayer and party features. Xbox corporate Vice President Marc Whitten said that Microsoft listened to user feedback in fashioning the latest enhancements.

A list of your Xbox friends will appear on the home page of the Friends app for easier access. You then can see who's online and pick the people you want to contact. Party chat will be enabled by default when you launch into party mode. You'll also be able to chat with anyone online or just with those playing the same game you're playing.

An "Invite friends to game" option will pop up inside the menus of games, helping you more quickly stir up some multiplayer action. And a "Recent Players" list shows you all the Xbox Live subscribers who recently joined you for a multiplayer match. Other features are destined for the March update, which Microsoft promises to detail over the next few weeks.

Also set to debut in early March is a stereo headset for the Xbox One. As described by Whitten, the headset will offer a full-range (20Hz - 20kHz) audio spectrum for deep bass and clear high frequencies. A unidirectional microphone will come with the headset's over-the-ear speakers.

The headset will include a detachable adapter from which you can control the volume, microphone, and other features. The adapter itself will ship as a separate item that you can use with your existing headsets. The Xbox One headset will run $80, while the adapter will cost $25.

In the meantime, Xbox One owners expecting an update on Tuesdaywill have to wait a bit longer. Xbox Director of Programming Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, revealed that the February update has been postponed until sometime this week while the team finalizes it.

"We've been slightly delayed and are still working on the finishing touches," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET. "We'll roll out the update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience."

Update, 9 a.m. PT: Notes that the February update has been delayed.