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Working together in open source

IBM and Google both aim to play nice with MySQL, SourceLabs looks to tame open-source sprawl, and more.

Collaboration, of one sort or another, is the name of the game for a good portion of the software business.

The companies plan to develop software that will make MySQL compatible with programs that run IBM's System i business computers.
April 25, 2007

MontaVista buys two Linux firms

blog The embedded Linux computing specialist fully acquires joint venture MontaVista Ltd., along with Liberte, a Linux design services company.
April 25, 2007

CollabNet buys tools software from

blog This summer, the parties involved plan to create a roadmap to merge similar products over the next couple of years.
April 25, 2007

Open Source Management System is designed to standardize and centralize open-source components within a large company.
April 24, 2007

Google offers its own changes to MySQL

blog MySQL previously wasn't eager to accept outside contributions, but it's now trying to encourage just that sort of thing, CEO says.
April 24, 2007

MetaMatrix will join Red Hat's JBoss middleware line, as the Linux seller outlines its JBoss strategy.
April 24, 2007

Company hopes to find new customers with a $1,198 starter edition that limits customers to fewer virtualized environments.
April 23, 2007

New version 7.04 features virtualization and crash-reporting tool--but only if you're able to download it.
April 19, 2007

But the system software, which shuns your hard drive, will also appeal to enterprise IT types, says U.K. Internet pioneer Peter Dawe.
April 18, 2007