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Windows 8 Store gets first Metro Twitter app and more

A new Twitter app, a new game, and an update to existing blogging app have popped up in the Windows 8 Store.

Microsoft's Windows Store gets its first Metro Twitter app.
Microsoft's Windows Store gets its first Metro Twitter app.
Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Microsoft's new Windows Store for Metro apps is finally stocking its shelves with some interesting titles and updates.

The first social-networking app to directly support Twitter leads the list. Dubbed FlipToast, the app supports both Facebook and Twitter and lets you view the latest posts, update your status, and see notifications directly on the Metro Start screen.

Meanwhile, the Inrix Traffic app provides real-time traffic conditions and updates as you drive along. But as such, it's an app more suited for a mobile tablet than a PC. The Xbox 360 game Hydro Thunder Hurricane is also now available as a Metro app, giving you the ability to race against other rocket-powered speedboats on a watery race track.

And in the update department, the WordPress Metro app finally lets bloggers create actual blogs rather than just view existing ones, a feature that was surprisingly unavailable in the initial version.

As designed for the Windows 8 beta, aka Consumer Preview, the Windows Store has been low on merchandise, with a limited number of games and other apps available for download.

But as we get closer to the Windows 8 Release Candidate and final version, we should see the store's virtual shelves stock up with more titles and a greater variety of them.

(Via The Verge)