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Wild ride on Wall Street

Internet stocks finally seem to be cooling down after an unprecedented run-up this week.

Internet stocks finally seem to be cooling down after an unprecedented run this week, which analysts attributed to investor interest in companies meeting estimates or even proving they can be profitable, as with Yahoo.

Net stocks calm down
After jumping into record territory earlier in the week, Internet stocks settle down, along with analysts' estimates.

Broadcom jumps 150% in IPO
The company makes chips that help bring Internet access to television screens through cable lines.

Search engines hit all-time highs
update Shares of Internet stocks continue their spectacular run, with stocks of several search-engine companies reaching all-time highs.

Netscape CEO opts out of options
Jim Barksdale, who earned only $1 last year, elects to return to the company a stock option grant of 300,000 shares.

Inktomi files to go public
update The search engine and software company that has struck deals with Microsoft, America Online, and Intel, files to go public.

Net stocks inspire feeding frenzy
Investors continued to pile onto the Internet bandwagon, powering stocks to new highs as Yahoo showed the sector can be profitable.

Excite rallying on Net spree
update Is Excite destined to become the next Internet stock priced at $100 per share?