Why CNET is your best source for everything CES 2011

Buckle up because the Consumer Electronics Show is about to ignite, and CNET has some bold new ways for delivering all the devilish details faster and more completely. It's our duty.

Scott Ard Former Editor in Chief, CNET
CNET former Editor in Chief Scott Ard has been a journalist for more than 20 years and an early tech adopter for even longer. Those two passions led him to editing one of the first tech sections for a daily newspaper in the mid 1990s, and to joining CNET part-time in 1996 and full-time a few years later.
Scott Ard
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The CNET staff sets up its booth at the 2011 International CES. CNET Staff

As you read this, the last of literally dozens of CNET editors and writers are parachuting into Las Vegas to cover the bejeezus out of the most insidiously timed trade show on earth. Occurring mere days after millions of lithium ion-powered devices were gifted and perhaps regifted, the consumer electronics industry is about to tell us why all those gizmos are already obsolete. Welcome to the 2011 International CES, Vegas style.

Whether you didn't get an invite or are here in Vegas jostling with 100,000+ other attendees, you can count on CNET to find the best of the best from the thousands of exhibitors spread across unfathomable expanses of real estate. As you've come to expect, we'll deliver hundreds of blog posts, scores of original videos, and piles of slideshows with the speed and quality you've come to expect from CNET. (We're planning on at least 15 live blogs.) But unlike previous years, we are significantly raising the competitive bar and making CNET the best and only source of CES coverage you need--we are the official online media partner, after all.

Not only are we sending more photographers and writers than ever before, we are leveraging our high-quality video production and streaming capabilities to deliver unparalleled coverage. In past years, we brought you live video of our Next Big Thing sessions, your favorite CNET Live shows, and the Best Of CES Awards (this is our sixth year of determining and presenting the show's best products in partnership with the CEA). This year, however, we've gone a bit overboard and will be covering the show with live video like you've never seen. Starting Wednesday at 7:45 a.m. PT through the Best Of CES Awards on Saturday, we'll be bringing you with us to Las Vegas. You'll be the first to see product announcements as you sit in with us on all the press conferences that matter. You'll roam the 15 football fields of show floor with Brian Tong to find the best of the 2,500 exhibitors, join the Next Big Thing Super Session as we discuss the post-PC world, watch our full lineup of CNET Live regulars like Buzz Out Loud and The 404, and watch interviews with the news makers of the day from our stage. That's right, for the next four days you'll be able to watch Molly Wood, Brian Cooley, Natali Morris, and scores of CNET editors bring the show to you in glorious, live-streaming HD.

Now that you know there will be plenty to watch, you're probably wondering where you watch. We're happy to say we've kicked that up several notches from last year as well, so the answer is: pretty much everywhere. Of course, we feel your best bet is our own CNET Live with full HD video and adaptive bit rate streaming, as well as the interactive chatroom full of enthusiastic fans. However if you're on the go, or just prefer one of our partner sites, we've got you covered. The following is a full list of where to watch:


So sit back and let CNET bring CES to you (here's our complete package) so you have more time to find those receipts and contemplate the restocking charges on all those hopelessly outdated gadgets you just unwrapped.