Western Digital debuts two new external hard drives at Macworld 2009

Western Digital responds to a call for inexpensive external storage designed to integrate seamlessly with Macs.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu
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Western Digital used this year's Macworld Expo to add two new products to its line of storage devices. The new My Passport and My Book drives are both preformatted for Mac's HFS+ Journaled, allowing Mac users to take quick advantage of their plug-and-play design. Per usual, the drives get a ding right off the bat for their lack of FireWire, a feature that the Mac community demands for quick access to large format images and video. Both drives are available for purchase now, check out the details below:

The My Passport for Mac is similar to the My Passport Studio we reviewed in mid 2008. The external HD works with the Apple Time Machine hardware to schedule automatic backups and features an external shock-resistant body to resist the abuse of daily carry. The drive is entirely powered through the USB bus, but older computers with low-powered USB ports are out of luck. We're disappointed that Western Digital didn't include the option for external power, as the folks over at Iomega did. Unfortunately, hardcore editors are also at a loss, as the drive still doesn't have a FireWire port. The drives are available in 320GB ($130) and 500GB ($180) capacities, which averages to about $0.40 per gigabyte, one of the lowest figures out of most external hard drives on the market today.

The My Book Mac Edition is for users that need extra storage at home. Western Digital brags about its efforts to clean up our planet by utilizing "Green Power" technology that works with your computer to minimize the power that funnels into the drive. The enclosure also cuts down on noise and power consumption by eliminating an internal fan, and a fully recyclable package design fills out the eco-friendly initiative. Compared to the My Passport's impressive three-year warranty, the My Book's one-year seems puny, and we're anxious to test the longevity of the device. Western Digital offers the 1TB My Book for $180.