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Week in review: Nov. 4 - 8

For those who were unable to keep up with technology news during the week, we offer a roundup of the week's highlights.

 In The Net 

Is the Internet's reputation as a wild frontier fair? You be the judge. All we can tell you is that hackers continued their attacks, spammers continued to spam, and copyright violations continued to make headlines. Meanwhile, lawmakers continued to do their part to reign in the miscreants.
New York Times site hacked
Law school takes on online copyrights
Net taxes: Pay as you go?
Email spammer won't quit
Junk emailer down for the count
Government worries about smart card security

And what would the Net be if there was no news about Java and browsers? Microsoft finally woke up to the fact that most PCs still run on Windows 3.1 and finally introduced a Java-ready version. Ditto for Explorer for the Mac. IBM continued to strut its Java stuff.
Windows 3.1 gets Java
IBM to heat up Java
Explorer 3.0 beta posted for the Mac

 In Intranets 

Stop us if you've heard this before: Microsoft outlined a vision for developers in which the company's platforms will be interoperable, cheap to maintain, and easy-to-use.
Microsoft execs show off NT 5.0
Microsoft makes the grade--barely
Informix heralds a New Era

 In Computing 

Does the world really need another announcement--or two--about the NC? Oracle chief Larry Ellision and the IBM folks seem to think so. But those in the PC world delivered news that's near and dear to all bean counters: price cuts. Compaq and HP and Intel all announced lower prices on their wares.
Ellison launches NC assault
IBM readies Comdex rollout of NCs
Intel cuts Pentium Pro prices
Dell trims PC ownership costs
Compaq cuts server prices
HP too has price cuts on its mind