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Week in review: Apple's latest harvest

Apple readies the launch of its iPad tablet while rumors spread that a Verizon iPhone is in the works. Also: an online privacy overhaul.

It's hard to think of a more anticipated piece of technology in the last few years than the iPad--excluding the iPhone, of course.

Initial reports have listed the number of preorders in the "hundreds of thousands," and tech industry analysts are forecasting that Apple could sell 6 million iPads within a year.

The iPad goes on sale in the U.S. at 9 a.m. Saturday in all time zones at Apple Stores and most Best Buy stores. If you're thinking about buying one, here are a few things you should know ahead of time--from apps and accessories to when you should line up.

However, for anyone hoping that a cloud-based music service will launch with the iPad, disappointment is lurking. Music industry sources told CNET this week Apple has informed label managers that a streaming music service is unlikely to be ready before the third quarter.
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Apple is also reportedly prepping an iPhone that is compatible with Verizon's network. The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources in a story Monday who say one of Apple's contract manufacturers--the companies that build the hardware according to Apple's specifications--is working on an iPhone that runs on a CDMA network. That's the cellular network that Verizon uses in the U.S. The sources said the CDMA-compatible iPhones will go into mass production in September, though when Apple would start selling them wasn't mentioned.

So what should Verizon iPhone users expect when the device finally comes to the nation's largest wireless network? Not much is known about the new CDMA iPhone or when exactly it will come to market. But here is a glimpse of what potential Verizon iPhone customers might expect, based on rumors gathered from around the Web as well as information known about Verizon's network and strategy.
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More headlines

Tech coalition pushes rewrite of online privacy law

It's time to fix a 1986 privacy law that fails to protect cloud-computing services and the privacy of Americans' mobile devices, a broad coalition including Google, Microsoft, and liberal and conservative groups contend.
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Amazon's new patent could make returns harder

In an odd twist, Amazon has patented a process for videotaping its outgoing packages being prepared for shipment. Is this for quality control, or a next-generation shipping confirmation e-mail?
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Microsoft's busy day at the courthouse

The software maker loses its effort for a full appeals court review in the i4i Word injunction case; meanwhile Redmond files suits of its own against Datel over an Xbox 360 controller.
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•  Apple sued over multitouch patent
•  Former IBM exec pleads guilty in Galleon case

ESPN 3D coming to DirecTV in June

The satellite TV provider says ESPN 3D and another dedicated 3D channel will be available to all customers as a free upgrade.
•  Comcast demos live 3D TV

Microsoft rushes to patch zero-day IE hole

Out-of-band fix addresses nine vulnerabilities, including a critical zero-day hole disclosed three weeks ago that affects Internet Explorer 6 and 7.
•  Apple releases OS X 10.6.3, Leopard Security updates

Researchers find security holes in smart meters

Utilities hire a security consultancy, which finds a number of vulnerabilities in smart meters that could let a criminal remotely control a meter.

What's Google planning for Chrome 5?

Google's browser revamp can pinpoint your location, fits better with Windows 7, shows 3D Web graphics, and includes Adobe's Flash software. And at last, it will come out of beta for Linux and Mac.
•  Google to build Flash into Chrome browser
•  Chrome share gain outpaces browser rivals

Yahoo adds Facebook status updates to Mail

Facebook users will be able to update their status from their Yahoo Mail in-box, another small improvement from Yahoo in hopes of improving its social-media standing.
•  Webs taps Facebook Connect for log-ins, sharing

Microsoft plans Windows Summit for May

Redmond says the conference is aimed at those needing a kick-start creating products for Windows 7. It won't be the place where Microsoft talks about the future of its desktop operating system.
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•  Microsoft extends free Windows 7 trial
•  Microsoft retail stores coming to Denver, San Diego

Also of note
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