Week in pictures: Tech for the masses

roundup At WCIT confab, tech bigwigs push for global good. Also: Origami tablets, cool keyboard and more.

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At WCIT confab, tech bigwigs push for global good. Also: Origami tablets, cool keyboard and more.

Sub-$400 laptop

At WCIT, Intel's sub-$400 laptop

As the World Congress on Information Technology considers ways IT can improve lives, the chipmaker shows its Eduwise design. May 4, 2006

IT confab

Putting the 'tech' in Texas

The Lone Star state hosts a global IT confab, where AMD's chief touts low-cost PC for the masses. May 3, 2006

Michael Dell

Michael Dell at WCIT

Dell founder and chairman urges WCIT attendees to invest in broadband and IT at home and at work. May 4, 2006

Pinball wizards

Home of the pinball wizards

Take a peek inside Ju Ju's and Mac's to spy on the secret world of vintage pinball. May 4, 2006

Q1 debut

Samsung's Q1 unveiled

In San Francisco, Samsung launches its new Origami minitablet Pc, dubbed the Q1. May 1, 2006


Origami tablets gear up

A look at the Eo mintablet PC by TabletKiosk, plus Samsung's rival Origami device. May 1, 2006


Rethinking the keyboard

Prototype software program for handset keypads is designed to let consumers conduct online queries using abbreviations. May 3, 2006

Digital difference

Digital difference

How image sensors on digital SLR cameras give a smaller field of view for a photographer. May 4, 2006

Solar concentrators

Solar 'concentrators'

These solar start-ups use different techniques to capture the power of the sun. May 5, 2006

Red Spot Jr.

Red Spot Jr. grows on Jupiter

A gigantic storm has been brewing on Jupiter for the past decade--and it recently turned red. May 5, 2006

Laser test

Starfire laser test

Research into antisatellite laser weaponry is being conducted at the Starfire government observatory in New Mexico. May 3, 2006

160 AAs

One ultralight, 160 AA batteries

Tech students in Japan load a lightweight aircraft with one pilot and lots and lots of batteries. May 1, 2006

Frag Dolls

Frag Dolls contestants play tough

On day two of the auditions to become a member of Ubisoft's pro gamer team, hopefuls show their stuff. May 2, 2006


Army's building fleet of robots

Crusher is the latest to join the U.S. Army's fleet of nasty-named, driverless vehicles. May 2, 2006

MDR-EX90SL earphones

Little earphones, big sound

Sony MDR-EX90SL earphones have a large sound driver to deliver smooth bass and clear treble sounds. May 2, 2006

Fender Telecaster

The Intel-Fender Telecaster guitar

A Fender Telecaster gets an implant designed to marry guitar licks with the features of a high-powered tablet PC. May 4, 2006

OnHollywood confab

OnHollywood conference

Tech, entertainment execs discuss future of film in Hollywood and on the Web. May 3, 2006

Gates, Jay-Z

Gates, Jay-Z share a smile

Microsoft chairman and Def Jam Recordings CEO among highlights of MSN's Strategic Account Summit in Redmond, Wash. May 4, 2006


Napster offers five listens for free

Listeners can play a full song five times free but must subscribe or purchase the song to hear it again. May 1, 2006