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Week in pictures: Lean, green driving machines

roundup Prototype commuter vehicles go ultraefficient route. Also: Microjets, Maker Faire and new MacBook Pro.

Prototype commuter vehicles go ultra-efficient route. Also: Cool gadgets, microjets, Maker Faire and new MacBook Pro.

Engineering professor turns an SUV and a family sedan into ultra-efficient driving machines. April 25, 2006

Prototype commuter car could be just the thing for tight spaces and high gas prices. April 25, 2006

The Cool Products Expo at Stanford showcases novel products from a solar car to a high-tech sled. April 27, 2006

Audiovisual gear and big-screen video displays are becoming an essential tool in houses of worship. April 28, 2006

The 17-inch MacBook Pro, which features Intel's Duo dual-core chip, is similiar to the 15-inch model. April 24, 2006

Aviation companies are looking to small planes to reduce the cost of air taxi service and corporate jet ownership. April 27, 2006

National Association of Broadcasters 2006 electronic media conference showcases latest broadcasting tech such as a remote-controlled, video-shooting copter. April 27, 2006

Do-it-yourself tech provides delights for fans of all ages of science, computers, fire art and more. April 24, 2006

Microsoft's Mike Schackwitz works under the hood on the veteran Web mail service. April 26, 2006

Take a look back at the evolution of the user interface. April 26, 2006

Frag Dolls search for new gamer

Eight women travel to a weekend- long audition to be Ubisoft's newest professional video game team member. April 25, 2006

NASA says the Earth is safe from a broken comet on May 25 despite rumors spreading across the Internet. April 28, 2006

Scientists have found black holes to be the most efficient "engines" in the universe. April 25, 2006

NASA features images--both new and old--in honor of the Hubble Space Telescope's 16 years in space. April 24, 2006

A two-legged robot being developed by Japanese scientists could one day carry the elderly and handicapped up stairs or inclines. April 26, 2006

Nokia blurs the telephone lines with its upcoming mobile phones that feature a phone-camcorder, cameras and songs. April 25, 2006

Paul Otellini introduces the VPro brand for business PCs during an event at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco. April 24, 2006

The latest humanoid robot by Kyoto University's Tomotaka Takahashi poses like a fashion model.April 25, 2006

Kodak camera gets long in the Bluetooth

V610 lets people transfer images wirelessly, and is the smallest camera to offer a 10x optical zoom, company says. April 25, 2006