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Week ahead: Earnings on parade

Shareholders for Level 3 and Charter Communications gather this week, while scores of other companies reporter quarterly earnings.

Following are some of the notable tech-related events scheduled for the week of July 22 through July 26.

Earnings season continues in high gear with dozens of tech companies reporting their results, including AOL Time Warner, Expedia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm.

Shareholders for Level 3 and Charter Communications gather this week, while Microsoft, Sony, Critical Path and Novellus hold analyst meetings. Wireless and computer graphics conferences are among the few events underway during the busy earnings season.

The information was gathered from First Call, Hoover's Online, CCBN's StreetEvents and CNET Investor.

Other events scheduled this week:

Tech Events
Sunday, July 21
  • The international computer graphics show Siggraph 2002 runs July 21-26 in San Antonio. The event includes a keynote on Identity and Control on the Net by Esther Dyson, chairwoman of EDventure Holdings and former chairwoman of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.) Other sessions include speakers from Industrial Light and Magic and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Monday, July 22
  • The Global Grid Forum will meet in Edinburgh, Scotland, to discuss future issues of linking processing and data storage resources together into large pools of computing power. Hewlett-Packard Chief Science Officer Stephen Squires will open the meeting with a talk on using a global grid to combat terrorism.

    Other speeches will come from NEC, Intel, IBM, Level 3 Communications and Qwest Communications. Numerous government agencies, including grid pioneer Argonne National Laboratory, also are scheduled to send speakers. Dan Simon of Microsoft will discuss security issues relating to grid computing and its cousin, Web services.

  • The 4th Annual Voice & Wireless Commerce Conference, VOX2002, begins in San Francisco and runs through July 24. Sponsored by The Kelsey Group, the event focuses on voice recognition, WAP, SMS and next-generation multimodal. Keynote speakers will come from IBM, AT&T and Sprint.

  • Novellus holds an analyst meeting in San Francisco.

Tuesday, July 23
  • Critical Path holds an analyst meeting in San Francisco.

  • Charter Communications holds their annual shareholders meeting in Bellevue, Wash.

  • IPO for Emeryville, Calif.-based Leapfrog, which specializes in making electronic books for schoolchildren. The company plans to sell 9 million shares at about $13 to $16 per share.

Wednesday, July 24
  • Level 3 Communications holds a shareholders meeting in Omaha, Neb.

  • Molex holds an analyst meeting in Rosemont, Ill.

Thursday, July 25
  • Microsoft holds an analyst meeting in Redmond, Wash.

  • Sony Electronics holds an analyst meeting in Tokyo.

Friday, July 26
  • Market research firm IDC will hold its Enterprise ServerVision conference in San Francisco to discuss forecasts and trends in high-end "server" computers.


Monday, July 15

  • Check Point develops security software for corporate networks. Per-share estimate: 25 cents.

  • WebMethods makes XML-based business-to-business software. Per-share estimate: loss of 4 cents.

  • Texas Instruments makes chips for electronics equipment. Per-share estimate: 6 cents.

  • Altera makes industrial and telecommunications chips. Per-share estimate: 5 cents.

  • Novellus Systems makes semiconductor equipment. Per-share estimate: 8 cents

  • Cymer makes semiconductor equipment. Per-share estimate: 17 cents

  • Lexmark International makes printers for PCs. Per-share estimate: 61 cents.

  • Avaya, a former division of Lucent Technologies, makes networking equipment and software. Per-share estimate: loss of 4 cents.

  • Computer Associates writes network software for businesses. Per-share estimate: break even.

  • BellSouth offers local phone service. Per-share estimate: 57 cents.
Tuesday, July 23
  • Openwave makes messaging and Web browsing software for cell phones. Per-share estimate: loss of 19 cents.

  • Expedia offers online travel services. Per-share estimate: 41 cents.

  • CNET Networks, publisher of News.com, operates Web sites that provide technology information. Per-share estimate: loss of 21 cents.

  • InfoSpace.com provides content to Web sites. Per-share consensus estimate for the quarter: loss of 2 cents.

  • SeeBeyond.com provides content to Web sites. Per-share estimate for: loss of 6 cents.

  • Linear Tech makes chips for industrial and consumer equipment. Per-share estimate: 17 cents.

  • Lattice Semiconductor makes chips for communications, computer, industrial and military customers. Per-share estimate: 6 cents.

  • STMicroelectronics makes computer chips. Per-share estimate: 12 cents.

  • Lucent manufactures telecommunications and networking equipment. Per-share estimate: loss of 14 cents.

  • Flextronics is a contract manufacturer of electronic equipment. Per-share estimate: 6 cents.

  • Legato Systems makes software for computer data storage networks. Per-share estimate: loss of 5 cents.

  • AT&T Wireless provides wireless phone service. Per-share estimate: break even.

  • SBC Communications offers local phone service. Per-share estimate: 59 cents.

Wednesday, July 24
  • RSA Security makes Internet security software. Per-share estimate: loss of 5 cents.

  • Ariba develops e-business software. Per-share estimate: break even.

  • Agere Systems makes components for telecommunications equipment. Per-share estimate: loss of 13 cents.

  • LSI Logic makes chips for the communications, consumer and storage markets. Per-share estimate: loss of 9 cents.

  • Quantum makes disk drives. Per-share estimate: loss of 10 cents.

  • Foundry Networks makes Internet switches and routers. Per-share estimate: loss of 1 cent.

  • AOL Time Warner is a media conglomerate that has publishing, Internet, film and telecommunications holdings. Per-share estimate: 22 cents.

Thursday, July 25
  • Verisign makes software for businesses and Web sites. Per-share estimate: 15 cents.

  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing is an outsource manufacturer of chips. Per-share estimate: 8 cents.

  • Adaptec makes hardware and software that speeds data transfer between computers, peripherals and networks. Per-share estimate: 8 cents.

  • JDS Uniphase makes components for optical telecom equipment. Per-share estimate: loss of 3 cents.

  • Qualcomm developed and licenses CDMA (code division multiple access) technology that is used to run cell phones and wireless equipment. Per-share estimate: 22 cents.

  • Alltel offers telecommunications services to businesses and consumers. Per-share consensus estimate for the quarter: 80 cents.
Economic Reports
Thursday, July 25
  • Durable goods orders represents the percentage increase or decrease in sales of big-ticket items, such as washing machines and refrigerators, as reported monthly by the Commerce Department. Economists use the number to measure demand in the economy. Analysts expect orders to rise 0.5 percent in June, down from May's increase of 0.9 percent.

  • The Labor Department's Employment Cost Index measures quarterly changes in compensation costs, including wages, salaries and costs to employers for employee benefits. Analysts expect the index to rise 0.9 percent for the quarter, the same increase as during the previous quarter.

  • Initial Claims refers to the number of people who filed for unemployment benefits each week as reported by the Department of Labor. Claims will be reported for the week ending July 20.

  • The Commerce Department will release New Home Sales figures for June, which represents the number of new homes sold in the United States and serves as another measure of demand in the economy. Wall Street expects home sales to increase to an annual rate of 960,000 in June from 1.03 million in May.

  • The Help Wanted Index for the month of March is a monthly survey by the Conference Board of the volume of help-wanted advertising in major national newspapers. Wall Street uses the index to measure trends in job growth. In June, the index climbed one point to 46, up from 45 in May.

  • The National Association of Realtors reports Existing Home Sales for the month of June, representing the number of previously built homes sold nationwide. The data indicate the strength of demand in housing and in the overall economy on the premise that the economy heats up as more consumers buy homes, cars and other high-ticket items. Analysts expect sales to fall slightly to an annualized 5.73 million from 5.75 million in May.