Web sites catch iMac mania

Online warehouse and auction sites are offering deals and discounts on the new computer.

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The mania over
Apple Computer's new iMac computer has spilled over from the showroom floor to online warehouse and auction sites.

Apple is having trouble keeping up with demand for the consumer system and is racing to restock stores such as CompUSA, which has reported record-breaking sales.

Meanwhile, online buyers are hitting auction sites and Macintosh specialty sites looking for iMac deals or T-shirts and other memorabilia.

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Apple's gambit MacMall is offering the iMac with an additional 32MB of memory with any iMac purchase. MacMall is also offering discounts of up to $675 on several peripherals and upgrades.

MicroWarehouse is also selling the iMac with an additional 32MB memory module.

The online retailer Cyberian Outpost is peddling the new computer for $1,294--$5 below the suggested retail price. Cyberian also offers a coupon for a free 32MB memory upgrade until August 31.

WebAuction.com had three iMacs on the block when the PC debuted last weekend. The first two went for $1,299 apiece, while "R.N. of San Diego," snagged the last one Monday for $1,300.

At eBay, an online classified ad and auction site, no iMacs were being offered for sale among 618,742 items on the block. But T-shirts, posters, and other paraphernalia were a hot commodity.

A special iMac poster from the recent Macworld New York show, the only time the show has been held outside of Boston or San Francisco, is still on the block, going for $10.50. Another similar poster was going for $17.50 after the seller posted the admonition that it was the last one.

eBay auctioneers were also offering iMac banners, an iMac sticker set for $5.50, and a white iMac "launch day" polo shirt for $40.