Wanna see iOS 7 on an iPad? Videos pop up after latest beta

With iOS 7 beta 2 out in the wild -- or to developers at least -- numerous hands-on videos have emerged, showing performance and new features.

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Josh Lowensohn
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No surprise here, but numerous videos of iOS 7 beta 2 -- which adds support for Apple's iPad and iPad Mini -- have popped up, showing the software running on Apple's tablets.

The videos show just how the software has been adjusted to work on the larger screen, as well as how it performs on various tasks in Apple's first effort.

The company did not show off iOS 7 running on an iPad during the big unveiling at its annual developers conference two weeks ago, building curiosity into just what's different.

The new software was released Monday morning and is still considered confidential by Apple, which requires developers to sign a privacy agreement in order to enroll and get early access to beta versions of iOS and OS X. Apparently that didn't stop all these folks:

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9to5Mac posts a brief hands-on with the software, from initial setup to switching apps and using iPad-only features like Photo Booth:

Redmond Pie also posts a 5-minute preview on an iPad Mini, running through various features:

YouTuber Andrew Sheridan posts a quick hands-on, even showing off iTunes Radio:

And as a bonus, iDownloadBlog posts a hands on with the Voice Memos app, which was not included in the initial build of iOS 7.