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VirnetX expands patent suit against Apple

The security software company, which successfully sued Apple for $368 million in 2010, just got more legal ammo.

The security company that successfully sued Apple as part of a 2010 patent lawsuit is broadening its latest attack.

VirnetX on Tuesday noted that it has been granted two additional patents covering security technologies, and is adding one of those to its latest litigation against Apple, which targets devices like the iPhone 5, fourth-generation iPad, iPad Mini and fifth-generation iPod Touch. The complaint also targets Apple's Mac computers.

These new claims have been added to VirnetX's latest lawsuit against Apple filed last November in an Eastern Texas district court that focuses on virtual private networking (VPN) technology.

VirnetX sued Apple along with Cisco in 2010, accusing the tech giants of infringing on four of its patents covering VPN technology. A Texas court ruled in VirnetX's favor last November,leading to a $368.2 million judgement, which Apple challenged back in April.

VirnetX has gone after a number of tech giants, alleging patent infringement including Cisco and Avaya. That list also includes Microsoft, which VirnetX sued in 2007 and again in 2010 over two of its patents for VPN technology. After winning a $105 million judgment against Microsoft, the two companies settled as part of a $200 million deal. In April, the company launched another volley against Microsoft and its Skype unit, accusing it of further patent infringement.