Videos offer glimpse of what may be iPhone 5S, 5C

New videos show the back enclosure of alleged new iPhones, including a champagne/gold version of the 5S consistent with other leaked images.

Dan Farber
More of the alleged iPhone 5S alongside and alleged blue iPhone 5C. TechSmartt video

With about two weeks to go before Apple's expected September 10 iPhone unveiling in San Francisco, there is a outpouring of pictures and videos purported to be the forthcoming devices, or at least parts of them.

CNET is keeping track of the various rumors, images and specs for Apple's new flagship phone, the 5S, and the lower-cost 5C.

On Monday, a few new videos surfaced of what could be the back enclosure of the iPhone 5S and 5C, including a champagne/gold version of the 5S. Of course, greater interest is focused on what will be inside the enclosure, underneath the glass -- most likely new chips, a fingerprint scanner, and improved camera.

Below are two videos, which look like they come from the same source, showing off the back enclosure of the iPhone 5S. Needless to say, Apple's security team is trying to identify the hands in the video.

Via Keaton Keller's TechSmartt site: