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Video roundup: Jobs, new iPods take the Apple stage

Our cameras were rolling Wednesday morning at Apple's press conference as CEO Steve Jobs helped show off products like iTunes 9, new iPods, and more.

Our cameras were rolling Wednesday morning at Apple's San Francisco press conference as the company played up iTunes 9, iPod price cuts, games for the Touch, a video camera for the iPod Nano, and much more.

But the real spotlight was on Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who made his first public appearance since returning from medical leave after receiving a liver transplant earlier this year.

Here's a roundup of our video coverage, beginning with Jobs' standing ovation and opening speech.

Steve Jobs is back
For the first time in a nearly a year, and five months after undergoing a liver transplant, Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes center stage at the company's 2009 music product launch event. Jobs thanks the Apple community and urges everyone to sign up to become an organ donor.

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iPod Nano gets a video camera
Apple CEO Steve Jobs reveals the next generation iPod Nano. New features include video, voice recording, an FM radio, and a pedometer.

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Apple's iTunes 9
Jeff Robbin, Apple's VP of consumer applications, demonstrates the newest iTunes store and the home-sharing feature, which allows up to five authorized computers in one home to share music, TV shows and apps.

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Madden NFL 10 comes to iPhone , iPod Touch
Travis Boatman of Electronic Arts shows off Madden NFL 10, the first game in the popular franchise to be sold in the Apple App Store.

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Apple's iTunes LP
Jeff Robbin, Apple's vice president of consumer applications, shows off iTunes 9's new LP feature. Purchased albums come with many extras, including album art, song lyrics, photos, and video.

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