Viasoft updates Y2K compliancy suite

Viasoft rolls out the latest version of its suite of applications for making PCs and client-server networks Year 2000 compliant.

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Viasoft today rolled out the latest version of its suite of applications for making PCs and client-server networks Year 2000 compliant.

The company's OnMark 2000 Version 3.0 features three new enhancements--OnMark WebCenter, OnMark 2000 Workbench for Lotus Notes, and OnMark 2000 for Networks.

The new suite is was designed by Viasoft to provide an end-to-end product for addressing each stage of the Y2K technology problem on PCs and client-server applications, the company said.

OnMark Assess includes a new user interface and wizard for simplifying Y2K assessment tasks by guiding the users step-by-step through the process. OnMark Assess also features new ODBC database analysis technology and purchased applications inventory and cross-checking capabilities for Y2K compliance.

OnMark 2000 Workbench for Lotus Notes is a Notes-based assessment tool that analyzes Notes databases, templates, and applications for potential Year 2000 issues. The tool does not cover the email applications in Notes, according to the company.

While Lotus Notes is considered to be Year 2000 compliant, Viasoft said that applications to the popular messaging platform may not be compliant in all cases.

"A lot of our core customers were using Notes to build applications with Notes, so we decided," to provide a tool for that product, said Rajeev Arora, a Viasoft product manager.

Available by the end of December, OnMark WebCenter provides users with a central point of control via the Web for enterprise-wide desktop inventory, spreadsheet and database analysis, purchased application inventory, and BIOS testing.

"The theme for this release was to build on what we consider our leadership position. So we looked at simplifying and extending the functionality of the product," said Arora. "We've provided a central point for users to do all the different tests through the Web browser."

And due to ship in mid-January, OnMark 2000 for Networks automates the inventorying and discovery process of network devices like routers, switches, and hubs, the company said.

Because Back to Year 2000 Index Page of the combination of a network assessment package with a PC assessment package, Giga Information Group analyst Kazim Isfahani considers OnMark 2000 3.0 one of the most "comprehensive Y2K solutions" on the market today.

"The network arena has been neglected," Isfahani said. "The Y2K focus has gone from legacy systems to PC and embedded chips, with little attention given to the network. There is a large degree of risk out there if these systems aren't addressed."

Along with OnMark 2000, Viasoft also develops integrated toolsets for managing and upgrading existing corporate IT systems.

The company said pricing information for OnMark 2000 was not available.