Verizon to buy Terremark for $1.4 billion

The acquisition of Terremark, which provides cloud services and data center hosting, is designed to accelerate Verizon's "everything-as-a-service cloud strategy."

Larry Dignan

A day after Verizon Communications noted that cloud computing is a key cog in its growth strategy, the telecommunications giant said yesterday it has signed a deal to acquire Terremark, which provides cloud services and data center hosting.


The $1.4 billion price tag for Terremark works out to be $19 a share in cash. Terremark closed at $14.05 yesterday before the acquisition was announced. In many respects, the Verizon move makes a lot of sense. Miami-based Terremark is a much less expensive takeout target than Savvis or Rackspace would be for Verizon. Meanwhile, Verizon can use its army of sales people--remember MCI is part of the company--to sell cloud services.

With the move, Verizon said it will accelerate its "everything-as-a-service cloud strategy." As a bonus, Verizon will get access to Terremark's government customer base. Terremark has 13 data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

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