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Verizon iPhone not yet ready for iCloud

Apple's iCloud is available as a beta for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running the latest iOS version, but that leaves the Verizon iPhone in the lurch--it's stuck several releases behind.

The beta version of Apple's new iCloud is out now, with the official release set for this fall. But to try it you'll need the latest version of iOS, which leaves Verizon iPhone owners out of luck.

Verizon's iPhone: no iCloud for now.
Verizon's iPhone: no iCloud for now. Josh Miller/CNET

Apple yesterday officially announced its new iCloud cloud-storage service, which promises to store all your iTunes content online so you can access it from any device without having to sync with your computer.

Available as part of the new iTunes 10.3, a limited beta version of iCloud will let you sync content among your different devices and download past purchases. The beta will support a variety of devices, including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, the iPad (original and iPad 2), and the third- and fourth-generation iPod Touch.

The catch is that the devices require iOS 4.3.3 to try the iCloud beta, but Verizon iPhone owners are still stuck at iOS 4.2.8.

Apple's next major version, iOS 5, is slated to launch in the fall.

Since its launch earlier this year, the Verizon iPhone has been several OS releases behind the AT&T iPhone. And it's not clear why, according to an article in CNN Money.

The two phones are virtually the same except that Verizon's iPhone runs over the carrier's CDMA network, while the AT&T edition uses GSM. Verizon's model uses a Qualcomm chipset, CNN Money points out. However, the Verizon iPad, which also uses a Qualcomm chipset, qualified for the update to iOS 4.3.

Requests to Apple and Verizon Wireless for further details were not immediately returned.