Veritas unveils Linux products

The company says its storage management software now works on IBM mainframes using Linux, and it announces new software tailored to databases running on Linux.

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Data storage software company Veritas Software deepened its commitment to Linux Tuesday.

At the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, Veritas said its storage management software now works on IBM mainframes that use the Linux operating system. It also unveiled new software that's tailored to databases that run on Linux.

The Veritas announcements are part of broader efforts by software and hardware companies to develop products for the open-source operating system Linux, which has become a rival to Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Veritas announced that its Foundation Suite--a storage management software product that works on the Unix, Windows and Linux operating systems--is now available for IBM zSeries mainframes that run Linux.

The suite includes Veritas' File System and Volume Manager products. File System is designed to provide faster data recovery in the event of a system failure, while Volume Manager pools together storage resources to enable better management.

"With the availability of Veritas' flagship volume and file management software on Linux for zSeries, Veritas is furthering its commitment to making Linux enterprise-ready," said Robin Purohit, vice president of product management at Veritas.

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The company also announced software to help customers that run various databases on Linux recover data quickly and prevent system failures. Veritas said its Cluster Server software is now specially designed to work with IBM DB2, MySQL and Oracle databases that run on Linux. The software connects database servers so that one can take over if another crashes.