Using social media to track public's reaction to iPhone 5

Although overall opinion to the debut of Apple's new smartphone seemed to be positive, there were some moments caught on social media that drew wows while others were just ho-hum.

Dara Kerr Former senior reporter
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Dara Kerr
Social networks serve as a barometer for public's interest in the new iPhone. James Martin/CNET

As the good and the bad gets hashed out over blogs and on news sources in the aftermath of Apple's highly-anticipated debut of the iPhone 5 today, it's interesting to take a look and see what was the public's reaction on social media when the device was released.

The start-up Taykey produced this data-rich infographic on iPhone 5 reactions from around the Web today. In gathering the data, Taykey monitored 50,000 user-generated online sources, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and blogs. With this data, it analyzed trends and conversations to create the graphic that measures both user volume and sentiment.

As people followed Apple's press conference today, the overall attitude was positive. But, the crowd's reactions definitely peaked both in volume and sentiment when certain features were announced, such as the new design and bigger screen.

The biggest volume peak hit when the September 21 release date was announced. And the features that got the most ho-hum sentiment were the A6 chip and better camera. Even though the dock connector is now getting some flak for being consumer-unfriendly and bad for the environment, the audience didn't seem to disapprove when it was announced.

It'd be interesting to see another infographic once people have had awhile to read all the tech expert's opinions and let the new features marinate.

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