Upgrades and sidegrades from Scosche

Scosche has some new accessories and some upgrades to older ones. I'll try to get my mits on a few this week if i can.

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Scosche's IDR600 earbuds Scosche

Scosche, makers of the Kickback iPhone case--that I had to get my grubby mits on before I understood just how useful it actually was--are not slowing down in its support of the iPod and iPhone platforms. The company recently announced its 2009 accessories lineup for the Apples platforms.

First up in their "Listen" line are the IDR400M and IDR600 earbuds and the HZ5 TuneStream Bluetooth headphones.

According to Scosche, both the ID400M and earbuds are noise isolating and the ID400M features a hands free mic. The IDR600 also has a sliding magnetic cable management system.

The HZ5 TuneStream Bluetooth Headphones have a wireless range of up to 30 feet, a hands free mic, and offer up to 8 hours of continuous playtime, according to Scscoche.

Next, on the list under their "Power" line is the PassPort Home Dock. A home version of their recent car dock for the iPhone and iPod. According to Scosche, the Home Dock is designed to fix the charging error associated with several iPod docking stations. The adapter will snap into an iPod or iPhone universal dock.

According to Scosche, it will also soon begin shipping its Recoil. A car charger that features a retractable four-foot cord and a magnetically locking dock connector.

Also coming is the accessory I'm most excited about, the Showtime (had enough trendy names yet?). The six-foot long audiovisual cable lets users display videos from their iPod or iPhone through any display with RCA inputs. This would come in very handy right now with me being relegated to watching Speed Racer on my iPhone in my hotel room.

Last but not least are new versions of the aforementioned Kickback. Now in orange and pink. As well as new versions for the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic.

If any of these new products catch my eye on the show floor, I'll be sure to take a closer look.