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Upgrade of AOL software coming soon

The next upgrade of America Online's software will surface on desktops soon.

The next upgrade of America Online's software for Windows is expected to show up on desktops in the next couple of weeks, though Macintosh users will have to wait for the fall for their upgrade.

In his June letter to subscribers, America Online president Steve Case outlined some of the upcoming features in version 3.0 for Windows:
--the ability to view and navigate pages even while graphics are downloading
--hyperlinks that users can embed in email messages
--customizable text
--new content channels and a redesigned interface
--support for HTML 3.0.

Version 3.0 for Mac will offer similar features, Case said in his letter.

The new software is also many users' first test of AOL's highly publicized browser alliances with Microsoft and Netscape Communications. Subscribers will have Microsoft's Internet Explorer as their main Web browser, but the service will also include extensions to let users employ Netscape Navigator if they so choose.

AOL will also activate a new pricing plan on July 1 called 20/20. Announced last month, the plan offers 20 hours of use for $19.95. Current rate is five hours for $9.95.

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