Umax to make Intel notebook

Umax follows Power Computing, another Macintosh clone vendor, into the Intel-processor-based notebook PC market.

Brooke Crothers
Brooke Crothers Former CNET contributor
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Umax will enter the Intel-based notebook market with 233-MHz models later this year.

Umax is already making Intel-based desktop computers. The company also manufactures Macintosh-compatible computers.

Power Computing, another Macintosh clone manufacturer, has already entered the Intel notebook PC market, announcing systems for the first time Monday.

The new Umax notebooks will use Intel's newest mobile Pentium MMX processor, called Tillamook, introduced this week, according to Nikkei's JapanBizTech news service.

An official at Umax in the U.S. confirmed that the company will enter the notebook personal computer market.

Intel's Tillamook advances clock speeds for mobile computers from 166 MHz to 200 and 233 MHz. Later in the year, or early next year, Intel will release a 266-MHz version of the chip.

The processor is offered on a module, which is a small circuit board that contains other companion chips. This allows notebook and laptop computer makers to more quickly roll out new models with the latest speedy processors.