Umax boosts Mac clones

Mac clone maker Umax has developed a new dual-processor system.

Mac clone maker Umax today announced a new dual-processor system, the SuperMac S900DP/180.

Umax is using two 180-MHz PowerPC 604e processors with 512K of level 2 cache to run the Mac OS. Also included is 32MB of interleaved RAM expandable to 1GB, 4MB of VRAM on a 128-bit IMS graphics accelerator, an 8X CD-ROM, a 2.1GB hard drive, and six PCI card slots. There are five drive bays for adding internal SCSI peripherals, and 10Base-T and Apple Ethernet connectors are standard.

Although the Mac OS isn't specifically designed to take advantage of multiple processors, a number of software titles including Adobe Systems' Photoshop and Premiere are able to use the additional computing power.

Umax says the S900DP/180 will ship in volume by the second week of October, priced at $4,695.