Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat to herald shake-up

The next version of the open-source operating system should be a "little radical," says Ubuntu's founder.

Chris Duckett Editor, TechRepublic Australia
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Chris Duckett

Ubuntu version 10.10 is set for release in October, will be dubbed Maverick Meerkat, and will bring a gamut of changes to the open-source desktop operating system, according to Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu version 10.04--called Lucid Lynx--is set for release on April 29 and is focused on refining existing technology. In a blog post late last week, Shuttleworth encouraged developers to be a "little radical" in their approach to version 10.10.

A major focus of version 10.10 will be updating the Gnome 2.x series user interface to Gnome 3.0.

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