Twitter users go gaga over OS X Mavericks and iOS 7

The Twittersphere has spoken: Apple's WWDC keynote was full of winners -- and one loser.

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Tim Cook on stage at WWDC 2013
Tim Cook on stage at WWDC 2013 James Martin/CNET

Apple can still put on a show -- at least according to your tweets. The Twittersphere erupted in utter elation over the unveiling of OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 during Apple's keynote address at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

During the two-hour keynote, a majority of Twitter users tweeted in excitement around Apple's latest Mac operating system and its radically redesigned mobile OS, according to data provided to CNET by social-media management startup HootSuite. For both OS X and iOS 7, more than 90 percent of tweets registered on the positive side of the spectrum, the firm found.

Twitter users react to OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. Tweet sentiment analysis by HootSuite. HootSuite for CNET

Apple iOS and OS X chief Craig Federighi showed off a variety of new features for OS X Mavericks, including tags, finder tabs, multiple display support, and Maps and iBooks for Mac. He later demoed Johy Ive's simplified design vision for iOS 7, a release that also comes with iTunes Radio for Pandora-style music listening on Apple devices. Twitter users couldn't get enough of the new releases or Federighi, who delighted viewers with an animated stage presence and a few jabs at Apple's former approach to skeuomorphic design.

Twitter users react to the iTunes Radio reveal and updates made to Apple's Safari browser. Sentiment analysis by HootSuite. HootSuite for CNET

A topic wheel showing where tweets were focused during Apple's WWDC keynote, as gathered by social-media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon. Crimson Hexagon

HootSuite, which performed sentiment analysis on a sample of keynote-related tweets, counted more than 260,000 tweets mentioning WWDC on Monday morning. Federighi alone racked up around 1,500 mentions during the keynote. Though CEO Tim Cook bested the operating system guru with more than 39,000 mentions, Federighi seemed to win the people's choice award for most entertaining presenter. A majority of tweets about the Apple OS chief were favorable, with 82 percent of them expressing amusement or excitement.

Despite updates to make Safari more competitive and social, the people of Twitter were totally unimpressed. The browser solicited the most unenthusiastic reaction of the products announced Monday, with 35 percent of tweets reflecting some form of negativity and 10 percent showing anger or loathing, according to HootSuite.

When looking at the broader spectrum of conversations happening around the keynote, another hot topic of conversation was the Apple TV, according to social-media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon. The device didn't feature prominently during the keynote -- except to broadcast the address live to viewers with the set-top box.

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