Trendnet introduces first 500Mbps power-line adapter with Wireless-N access point

Trendnet announces a new power-line adapter that offers both a 500Mbps wired connection and a 300Mbps wireless access point.

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Dong Ngo
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Trendnet's 500Mbps power-line adapter, the TPL-410AP, incorporates a 300Mbps Wireless-N access point.
Trendnet's 500Mbps power-line adapter, the TPL-410AP, incorporates a 300Mbps Wireless-N access point. Trendnet

LAS VEGAS--Just a month ago, Trendnet debuted the first 500Mbps power-line adapter kit, the TPL-401E2K, and earlier than that, Netgear introduced the first 200Mbps power-line kit to incorporate a wireless access point, the AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit XAVNB2001.

Now, as predicted, it seems we will soon have the first product that combines both of these: Trendnet announced today the 500Mbps Powerline AV Wireless-N Access Point, model TPL-410AP. It's a 500Mbps power-line adapter that can also work as a Wi-Fi extender.

Similar to Netgear's XAVNB2001 kit, the TPL-410AP combines a high-performance 500Mbps power-line adapter with a 300Mbps Wireless-N access point. Apart from offering a power-line connection that extends the wired network, the kit can also be used as a regular power-line kit.

This higher speed will significantly help media streaming over a power-line connection to wireless clients at the far end, where the wireless signal of the original network can't reach.

Note, however, that as the TPL-410AP is a single adapter, you can only take advantage of the higher 500Mbps power-line speeds if you already have the TPL-401E2K kit or a separate 500Mbps power-line adapter. The device also works with any other 200Mbps power-line adapters, but it'll work only at 200Mbps for the power-line connection. In some cases, it might be a better idea to get the 200Mbps Powerline AV Wireless-N Access Point that Trendnet also announced today.

Like most power-line adapters, the TPL-410AP can work at the far end of a wired power-line connection. At the same time, however, it can also be used as a 300Mbps Wireless-N access point, which supports Quality of Service technology that prioritizes video, audio, and online gaming; Wi-Fi Protected Setup for quick client hookups; and up to four concurrent wireless networks. It also supports embedded power-saving technology that the company says lowers power consumption by up to 70 percent in standby mode.

The 500Mbps Powerline AV Wireless-N Access Point is slated to come with a three-year warranty and will cost $180 when it comes out in May.