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Transmeta turns it on with new notebook deals

The chip company grabs a couple of key wins, cutting a deal with IBM and other hardware makers for upcoming notebooks.


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The chip company cuts a series of key deals with IBM, Hitachi, Fujitsu and NEC for notebooks. At the same time, Transmeta says faster chips are on tap.


IBM, Gateway using Quanta for Transmeta plans
What do IBM's notebook incorporating Transmeta's processor and the upcoming Web pad from Gateway and AOL have in common? They will be made by the same company.

Major notebook players jump on Transmeta bandwagon
The Crusoe processor will debut in laptops from IBM, Hitachi, Fujitsu and NEC in the second half of the year, and more are to come, Transmeta's CEO says.

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Linux server maker to use Transmeta chips
update Canadian will add servers using Transmeta's Crusoe processor to its product line, the company says.