Toshiba Satellite C655D puts AMD e-series CPU into a budget 15.6-incher

Instead of being used to power an 11.6-inch laptop, AMD's new e-series CPU is put to work in a large-screen sub-$400 computer.

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Scott Stein
Future of budget? The sub-$400 Satellite C655D
Future of budget? The sub-$400 Satellite C655D. Toshiba

LAS VEGAS--Usually, when we heard of door-buster bargain laptops around the holidays, we tend to imagine 15-inch laptops wedded to Intel Celeron processors. The new AMD e-series CPUs might be nudging into the same territory, if we're to guess from the newly-announced Toshiba Satellite C655D.

The 15.6-inch laptop uses an AMD E240 CPU, part of the new AMD Fusion line of processors, helping keep the cost down. Up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM/320GB hard drive, a DVD burner, and 802.11n Wi-Fi in a 5.5 package for a starting price of $398 doesn't sound too shabby at all, come to think of it.