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Toshiba, Intel talk MMX

Toshiba and Intel join forces to showcase MMX technology and a mobile videoconferencing package for notebook PCs.

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Toshiba America Information Systems and Intel (INTC) have teamed up to provide a mobile videoconferencing package for notebook PCs and will showcase this at Comdex along with Intel's MMX technology.

The Toshiba Noteworthy videophone package includes a color analog camera, CardBus PC Card, video cable connectors, and a clip to mount the camera on the notebook's display. The package is targeted for use with standard phone lines. Toshiba says a CD-ROM software package is also included.

Toshiba will demonstrate videoconferencing running on an MMX Mobile Pentium processor. Using Intel's ProShare technology, the Noteworthy Business Video Phone will allow users to share data, for example, in Windows applications. Intel's Pentium processor MMX technology is slated to debut on 166-MHz Mobile Pentium processors in the first quarter of 1997. Desktop MMX Pentiums are expected to run at speeds up to 200 MHz.

MMX processors increase performance of multimedia applications written to take advantage of its capabilites. Specifically, 2D and 3D graphics, speech recognition, and audio- and video-compression applications will see better performance compared with current Intel processors.

Toshiba says the Noteworthy videophone gives a full-motion video display of remote and local users and full-duplex audio, with adjustable controls for clarity and motion offered. The company also says that the videophone conforms to H.324 and V.80 interoperability standards, ensuring the ability to communicate with other compatible videophones.

The Noteworthy Business Video Phone will be available in the first quarter of 1997 with a suggested retail price of $499. Toshiba says the kit is compatible with its Tecra 510 series of notebook computers.