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Toshiba announces 4K TVs, Cloud TV, laptops, Media Box

At an evening event the day before CES' official press day, Toshiba has unveiled a range of new TVs and laptops, including 4K and ultrabook models, as well as something called a Media Box. OK, it's a Blu-ray player.

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David Katzmaier
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The 84-inch 84L9300 is one of three sizes of 4K TVs announced by Toshiba. Toshiba

LAS VEGAS--Toshiba is known primarily for TVs, laptops, and home theater gear, and at a pre-CES event tonight at the Mandalay Bay hotel, it trotted out its latest innovations in each category.

One of the most remarkable is the L9300 series of TVs, which marks the company's first U.S. foray into 4K TV and presages what are sure to be many more 4K TV announcements in the next few days at the show -- stupid as they may be. Shipping this summer, the series will be available in 58-, 65- and 84-inch sizes. Pricing was not disclosed, but if LG and Sony's current pricing of around 20 grand for their 84-inch 4K sets is any indication, the L9300 won't be cheap. Check out our full writeup for more on the Toshiba L9300.

Toshiba's CES 2013 products (pictures)

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Also in the TV sphere was something called "Cloud TV" that, as far as I can tell, is just a buzzword-ified way to talk about new Smart TV features. And yes, those Media Boxes are just Blu-ray players with Cloud TV.

The 84-inch 84L9300 is one of three sizes of 4K TVs announced by Toshiba. Toshiba

Here's a list of other products:

  • Qosmio X875 laptop (February, $1,479.99) 17.3-inch, Core i7 processor, 1080p display with 3D option, 1TB hybrid HDD, "Black Window" styling, more.
  • Satellite U845t Ultrabook (March, $799) 14-inch touch screen, Core i3 or i5 processor, 1,366x768-pixel display, Ice Blue aluminum finish, more.
  • Mainstream notebooks and PCs including Satellite S, L, C, and P series and two all-in-one PCs (21.5 and 23 inches); more info.
  • L7300 and L7350 TVs 50 to 65 inch LEDs (50 series gets passive 3D) with 240Hz refresh rate, "Cloud TV" promising easier content discovery/acquisition, mobile device interactivity, server-based upgradability of Smart functions; more.
  • L4300 series TVs 32- to 58-inch lower-specced LEDs that also have Cloud TV
  • L1330 and L2300 series TVs 23- to 50-inch non-Smart LED TVs; more info.
  • BDX2400, BDX3400, BDX5400, and BDX6400 Blu-ray players So-called Media Box units with Cloud TV server access; step-up units add Wi-Fi/Miracast, 3D, and 4K upconversion respectively; more info.

We'll have more details soon.