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Tivoli launches Notes tools

Network management just got easier: Software maker Tivoli unveils a Lotus Notes management tool add-on to its TME framework.

IBM (IBM) subsidiary Tivoli Systems continues to add application management modules to its portfolio, a potent weapon in its battle for enterprise-management software dollars.

The TME 10 Module for Domino Notes, announced at the ongoing Lotusphere '97 conference in Orlando, Florida, today, takes advantage of the TME management framework to offer administrators an easy way to install and manage an enterprise deployment of Lotus Development's Domino groupware.

Managing applications from a central location has become an increasingly important prerequisite for enterprisewide management software. In response, Tivoli has debuted a number of modules, such as the Notes Domino software.

Tivoli officials hope to sell the TME 10 management system and application module for Domino into the same large Fortune 1000 accounts that have already chosen Notes. "There's a very large overlap," said Brad Kayton, product manager for the Domino module from Tivoli.

Both Tivoli and Lotus are owned by IBM, making an integrated sales pitch easier.

In order to benefit most from the Domino module, administrators will need to adopt the TME 10 management framework, as well as several tools, including TME 10 Software Distribution, User Administration, Distributed Monitoring, and the Enterprise Console. The new module supports Notes versions 4.1 and upwards.

Using the module, an administrator can centrally deploy, install, and configure Domino servers and clients and complete pre- and post-installation checks. An administrator can also add, delete, or modify the makeup of a client workstation, or a series of client workstations. The module also includes a series of monitoring utilities that poll the Domino application proactively to insure the application is running effectively. These utilities also monitor the hardware within each system.

The TME 10 Module for Notes Domino is currently in beta and will be available by the end of the first quarter. List prices for the module are $500 per Domino server and $25 per Domino client.