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The Wand: Nyko announces a high-tech Wii remote alternative

Nyko announces the Wand, a seemingly more advanced alternative to the current Nintendo Wii remote.


In an effort to trump the existing Nintendo Wii remote controller, Nyko is introducing what the company is calling the most advanced Wii remote yet.

The Nyko Wand looks a lot like the Wii remote we're all used to, but instead can output commands and even vibration through the controller's port at the bottom of the device. Using what Nyko calls Trans-Port technology, the new interface will allow compatible devices to take advantage of functionality not always available in current Wii remote accessories.

For example, a new pistol grip for The Wand will allow not only full force-feedback, but also a way to use the 1, 2, +, and - buttons without the need to reach around to the top of the remote. Also, the controller's uniquely oversize face buttons should help when using the device with the aid of an accessory.

The Wand will ship to stores this April, however no price has been set.