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The state of Apple's books

Apple reports a loss of $56 million, far less than most analysts expected. NEWS.COM provides special coverage of the company and its finances.

Less than a week after the sudden resignation of CEO Gilbert Amelio, Apple surprises Wall Street with a quarterly loss of $56 million, far narrower than most analysts expected. CNET's NEWS.COM provides comprehensive coverage of the financial report, Apple's turnaround plans, and the continuing search for a new chief executive.

The report
  Apple loses $56 million lead story
  Promises made, not always kept
  Live interviews, analysis CNET Radio
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The future
  Board members may be next
  New CEO is anyone's guess
  Vote on Amelio's successor NEWS.COM Poll
The fallout
  Stock shows empire in decline
  Resellers take wares online
  Mac clone maker's IPO at stake
The history
  Three months of turmoil  timeline
  Amelio, Hancock resign July 12, 1997
  Apple execs criticize Amelio March 14, 1997
  The Apple-Next deal December 20, 1996