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The not-so-quiet battles within HP

With the Hewlett and Packard families up in arms against its acquisition of Compaq Computer, the companies are fighting to win the backing of anyone they can get.

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HP petition irks some workers
update Some employees take exception to what they see as an attempt by the company to characterize a pro-merger petition as an example of grassroots sentiment.
December 14 
Employees stump for HP merger
Some Hewlett-Packard employees, who arguably have the most at stake in merging with Compaq Computer, try to drum up support for the proposal.
December 14 
Could small shareholders swing HP vote?
Like swing voters in a tight election, individual investors could make all the difference if the battle over the HP merger with Compaq comes down to the wire.
December 13 
Hewlett to directors: Give up
update Walter Hewlett writes the boards of HP and Compaq, telling them if the merger is brought to a vote, there's a "high probability" it won't pass.
December 13 
HP director quits foundation board
update A Hewlett-Packard director resigns from the board of the foundation led by Walter Hewlett, who is fighting the merger with Compaq.
December 13 
HP integration exec defends merger
The Hewlett-Packard executive in charge of integrating the tech giant with Compaq says that "there is no Plan B." HP is committed.
December 12 
Packard Foundation defends "no" vote
Many large shareholders who see a company headed in the wrong direction just sell their shares and move on. Hewlett-Packard hasn't been so lucky.
December 10 
HP seeks new support for Compaq deal
Hewlett-Packard must win over the majority of its institutional investors. But first, it needs the backing of a company known as ISS.
December 10