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The new HP: You are what you eat

Analysts and many others have been wondering for a while which product lines would survive the HP-Compaq merger. Here's details of who won, and what brands will live on.

As Hewlett-Packard digests Compaq Computer, the inevitable questions of redundancy and consolidation have arisen. Analysts and others have been wondering for a while which product lines would survive. In a white paper released Tuesday, the new HP finally belched up the info. Compaq is definitely making its mark.

Product category Company Reasons / Notes
Enterprise systems
Intel servers Compaq Proliant has larger market share; some HP products, however, will live on
RISC servers Neither company HP's PA-RISC and Compaq's Alpha servers to migrate to Itanium
Itanium servers HP Broader product range; will incorporate some Compaq technology
Unix HP HP-UX has larger market share and broad ISV support
Fault-tolerant servers Compaq NonStop server family, originally from Tandem,
rolls on
Storage Both companies Product lines complement more than compete
Workstations Both companies Although Compaq technology adopted here, it's mostly an HP world
Personal systems
Business PCs Compaq Market share; will bear Compaq name; nine- to 12-month transition
Business notebooks Compaq HP's Omnibook to be offered through 2002
Consumer PCs Both companies Can serve more customer types and sales regions
Handhelds Compaq iPaq will live on with HP's Jornada touches
Printers HP HP has long been dominant in this area
Home networking Compaq No reason given
Source: Hewlett-Packard