The many ways to tweet in iOS 6

You can tweet by app, by voice, or by Notification Center, among other options.

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Lance Whitney
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How can you tweet in iOS 6? Let us count the ways.

The latest version of Apple's mobile OS offers eager tweeters a variety of ways to get their message out. Here's a look at a few different ways to tweet.

The old standby, of course, is to just fire up the official Twitter mobile app or a third-party Twitter client for iOS. From your favorite Twitter app, you can either type your tweet or use your iPhone's built-in voice dictation to speak your tweet.

You can tweet directly from the Notification Center without having to call up an app. Simply pull down the Notification Center from the top of any screen on your iPhone or iPad. You'll see a Tap to Tweet option at the top. Tap on that, and a small Tweet window pops up where you can type or speak your tweet.

You can also ask for Siri's help if you don't feel like typing. Simply activate Siri by saying "Tweet" followed by your message. Siri will ask for confirmation before your tweet goes out to your followers, so you can check for spelling errors or other mistakes, and then either cancel or send your message.

You can tweet directly from within many apps. The Send button in mobile Safari includes an option to tweet your current Web page. You can do the same in the Photos app to tweet an image you'd like your followers to see.

And finally, you can tweet a location from Apple's Maps app by tapping on a pinned area and selecting the Share Location option. But given the app's myriad mistakes, you may want to make sure the location is correct before you tweet it.

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