Tech firms rally against copyright bill

Foes of the Induce Act say it would "tie up innovators and chill investment."

Declan McCullagh Former Senior Writer
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Declan McCullagh
Foes of a in the Senate are stepping up their opposition before an expected committee vote Thursday. More than 40 technology companies and trade associations warned sponsors of the so-called Induce Act that even the latest version remains unacceptable and would engender "an unmanageable flood of litigation that would tie up innovators and chill investment."

The long list of groups includes CNET Networks, publisher of News.com, BellSouth, Earthlink, Google, MCI, MySQL, RadioShack, Panasonic, Red Hat, SBC Communications, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments, Uniden, Verizon Communications and Yahoo. The Induce Act enjoys strong support from the entertainment industry, which claims it will target file-swapping networks with minimal collateral damage.