Tatung debuts Web servers

The company rolls out two high-powered Web servers compatible with Sun's Ultra 2 line.

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Tatung has introduced two high-powered Web servers compatible with Sun's Ultra 2 line of workstations and servers. The 64-bit servers carry one or two 300-MHz processors with 2MB of external cache.

The COMPstation U2300i offers a dual-processor option, while the COMPstation U1300i comes with a single processor. The two servers can support up to 2GB of memory and use symmetric multiprocessing to spread system load across multiple processors.

Tatung's servers will compete with Unix Web server offerings from companies such as SGI, Sun, and Digital, who have been trying to translate their success in the academic Unix world to Web server sales. With many large-budget, high-volume Web sites currently being served off of Unix platforms and a large number of Unix-based Web servers and databases available on the market, server sales are a growth area for Unix-oriented companies carefully watching the encroachment of Windows NT into the previously Unix-only workstation arena.

Tatung's new servers provide for large amounts of storage space--up to 80GB--with an external add-on disk array available.

The servers also provide a 64-bit slot for high-performance graphics cards that are made specifically for 2D and 3D design. Although such cards aren't necessary for Web serving, users who want to use the servers for other applications may find the additional graphics options attractive.

Standard configurations start at $19,590 for the single-processor U1300i and $28,910 for the U2300i. The prices do not include graphics cards or color monitors.

Tatung is also offering an upgrade program for users of its Ultra 1, Ultra 2, and SPARCstation 20-compatible systems, good for the addition of 300-MHz 64-bit capabilities.