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T-Mobile reportedly prepping for new iPhone offensive

A leaked employee memo allegedly from the carrier cites new training material dubbed "Selling Against the iPhone," which is set to go online on September 21.


T-Mobile is apparently already prepping to battle the iPhone 5 on September 21.

Published by blog site TmoNews, an internal memo allegedly from T-Mobile reveals upcoming training material to help workers sell against the iPhone.

The memo discusses a Grab & Go suite available through the company's electronic learning system. It also refers to a mobile game designed to help employees practice their sales skills. But even more significant is the date.

The memo points to September 21 as the date that the new training material will go online. That's the same day the new iPhone is rumored to go on sale, according to recent reports. Citing its own sources, AllThingsD added to those reports last week by saying that the iPhone 5 would launch on September 12 and hit the sales channel on September 21.

Does T-Mobile know for sure that the iPhone will reach customers September 21, or is the company just following the trail of reports citing that date? Either way, it seems to be a clear sign that T-Mobile won't be getting the iPhone this time around, assuming the memo is accurate.

That would still leave the phone in the sole hands of the other three major U.S. carriers -- Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint.

However, T-Mobile may be about to enhance its support for unlocked iPhones. Another memo posted by TmoNews says that the carrier will offer new Monthly4G microSIM kits to let iPhone 4 and 4S owners bring their unlocked phones onto its network.