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T-Mobile CEO blames AT&T for San Antonio Spurs' AC problems

In a pleasant tweet, John Legere derides his rival for the AC going out during last night's NBA finals game at AT&T Center.

He's a combative one. T-Mobile/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

John Legere can't help but entertain.

It's a corporate strategy and, seemingly, a way of life.

So when last night the air conditioning failed to function during game one of the NBA finals series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, how could he not try to raise the social-media temperature?

The game, you see, was being played at San Antonio's AT&T Center.

Who could be surprised that Legere tweeted his sympathy: "It's bad enough when you can't power a network, but now you can't power the AC during the finals?!?! Come on @ATT!"

The sanguine few remaining in the world might note that AT&T isn't entirely in the AC business.

That's a mere detail, however, when your goal is to pinch cheeks. And he can't help himself, especially after he was summarily removed from an AT&T party, courtesy of my colleague Roger Cheng.

Naturally, some responses to Legere did some cheek-pinching of their own. Tek Chung, for example, offered: "@JohnLegere LOL! Network??? This is one of those 'said the pot to the kettle' type of moments."

SaigonSmuggler backed this up with: "@JohnLegere John, my daughter's field trip last month, 30 min NW of Austin, ATT users had full 4G coverage, while I had nothing."

Well, yes, but that's Texas, where justice goes to take a break at a spa resort.

Legere seems to bathe in notoriety. This morning, as Time magazine mentioned some of his attributes, but not others, he tweeted: "Pink shirts and loud mouth...Geez...nothing about my nice smile?"

But the life of a CEO isn't always smooth. Not many minutes later, Legere was forced to emit a slightly (but only slightly) more somber tweet: "Thanks for your patience guys, we had an issue with post-paid service impacting some people this a.m. Our network team fixed it quickly!"

Feel the glee. John Legere/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET