Swedish court blocks Lindows

David Becker Staff Writer, CNET News.com
David Becker
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David Becker
A Swedish court has temporarily blocked the distribution of Lindows software in the country, pending a ruling on Microsoft's claim that the company's name violates its Windows trademark. Magistrate Ulrika Carlehall of Stockholm City Court said in her ruling that Microsoft has shown probable cause for trademark infringement and therefore may suffer further damage if products with the Lindows name continue to be sold in Sweden. She set a fine of $3 million (3 million kroner) if Lindows fails to comply with the injunction.

Lindows sells a version of the open-source Linux operating system with an interface that resembles Microsoft's Windows. Microsoft sued the company for alleged infringement of its U.S. trademark shortly after Lindows opened for business, with a trial set for March. As previously reported, Microsoft recently expanded the trademark battle to Europe.